Telegram Premium-related scams increase: How are users in Russia tricked?

January 31, 2024  18:12

In 2023, the number of fraudulent attacks on Russians related to Telegram Premium increased by 2.3 times compared to the results of 2022. This information comes from the publication "Izvestia," citing data from cybersecurity experts.

"The number of phishing domains allegedly associated with Telegram Premium subscriptions reached 21 in January of this year. In the same period of January 2023, there were only nine," explained Igor Bederov, the head of the department of information and analytical research at T.Hunter.

Similar statistics were provided by the companies Bi.Zone and "Solar," as well as the coordination center for RU/RF domains.

According to Evgeny Voloshin, the director of the department of security analysis and anti-fraud at Bi.Zone, fraudsters use social engineering techniques to lure people onto fake websites that mimic the Telegram interface, where they then steal victims' accounts. People are often motivated to visit malicious resources by notifications of winning a Telegram Premium subscription, which they need to claim quickly.

Experts believe that the increase in such attacks occurred against the backdrop of the Telegram Premium subscription becoming a popular gift in Russia. Additionally, the messenger introduced a legitimate tool for subscription giveaways, which fraudsters also exploited.

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