Large-scale blackout hits Russian Internet

January 31, 2024  10:05

Currently, the Russian domain zone is experiencing serious issues with the resolution (resolve) of domain names. Users are currently reporting an inability to access websites and services of major banks, marketplaces, and other widely used services in Russia, including Yandex and VKontakte. Reports of difficulties accessing websites and issues with the functioning of applications began to emerge massively at around 18:30 Moscow time.

It is reported that the cause of these problems is a malfunction in DNSSEC — a set of extensions to the DNS protocol designed to ensure the authenticity and integrity of data. A temporary solution is to connect to services via IP address. The issue has affected the services of various internet providers in Russia, as the digital signatures of domains in the RU zone were found to be incorrectly signed.

DNSSEC technology is crucial as it adds digital signatures to DNS, ensuring the authentication of DNS records and the integrity of data in DNS, which is essential for the reliable identification of web resources on the network. Thanks to this technology, the likelihood of IP address substitution during hacker attacks in the RU domain zone is reduced to a minimum.

"MegaFon" has confirmed a decrease in traffic volumes but claims that the problem is not related to the operator's activities. Similar statements have also been made by "Beeline" and Tele2. Our website also experienced a sharp decline in traffic, but by the time of publishing the news, it had already started to recover.

According to media reports, the failure occurred at the ANO "Coordination Center for the National Domain of the Internet," and its specialists are already working on resolving the issues. The director of the Coordination Center for Domains, Andrey Vorobyov, told journalists, "We are addressing the technical problem; I cannot provide details at the moment."

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