Cyber Monday: Some tips on how to avoid falling victim to frauds when shopping online

January 27, 2024  12:37

The first day of big sales in 2024, called Cyber Monday, will take place on January 29. On that day, many products will be sold at a big discount, which will cause more activity from Internet fraudsters. Sergey Kuzmenko, head of information security at the Roskachestvo digital expert center, gave some simple tips that will help you avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters.

According to him, the first thing to watch out for is phishing, which is often spread through e-mail. Therefore, before clicking on links in emails, it is recommended to read the sender's email address carefully.

"Fake addresses often contain spelling errors and are sent from a publicly available email domain such as and may also include numbers, letters or symbols. The safest thing you can do is visit the seller's official website and find out about all kinds of promotions and discounts right there," Kuzmenko advised.

The second common threat to watch out for on Cyber Monday is fake store pages. They can be identified by a number of signs, such as lower than market prices, mandatory advance payment, lack of option to pick up the product yourself or pay only after receiving the parcel.

In addition, according to Kuznetsov, you can check the domain name of the brand's website in the Whois service and find out when the website was created. If it appeared recently but claims to be an old brand, it is most likely malicious.

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