Amazon's annual fall event scheduled for Sept. 28: What should we expect?

September 21, 2022  20:27

Amazon's annual fall event will take place on September 28, the same day as the 2021 event. It is still unknown what devices the company plans to show us: we can only make guesses because the company has not even released any teasers.

What did Amazon show last year?

The main new product last year was the robotic assistant Astro. The company also showed the Echo Show 15, Amazon Glow (a teleconferencing device built for children), and the flying drone Always Home Cam. The company announced updates to its Halo View fitness bracelet and Ring Alarm Pro as well.

What should we look forward to this year?

New Echo Devices

Amazon will likely show us new Echo speakers this year. It has been two years since Amazon last updated the Echo Dot and the full-size Echo, the Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos support came out as much as three years ago, and the Echo Sub even earlier. It is a good time to announce new speakers from this range!

echo-speakers.jpg (90 KB)

Amazon's Echo Show displays, on the other hand, are hardly worth waiting for: the wall-mounted Echo Show 15 was introduced last fall, and the Echo Show 5 and 8 were updated last spring. As for the Echo Show 10 and its rotating display, that model received such a radical redesign that we should hardly expect it to have a successor. Although, who knows!

Astro Assistant

The smart home robot on wheels was announced last year, but it is still in early access mode, and can only be purchased by invitation (for $999!). Perhaps Amazon will finally release Astro to the masses this year. Hopefully, the robot won't suffer the fate of the Echo Loop smart ring.

astro-moving-around-home-100904901-orig.jpg (71 KB)

New Ring devices

Last year, Amazon demonstrated the Ring Alarm Pro with a built-in Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi router. There may be new devices in the series this year.

ring-alarm-pro.jpg (64 KB)

Last year, the company also announced Ring Virtual Security Guard, a paid service ($99) that allows professional monitoring services to track motion alerts from your Ring security cameras. The service is still in early access (by invitation only), and it is possible that Amazon will make it available to everyone this year.

Perhaps Always Home Cam, a drone that flies around your home looking for intruders, will also be open wide. This device attracted a lot of attention in 2020 when it was first announced. In 2021, Amazon began offering it to customers by invitation. It is possible that this year the drone will finally be available for purchase without an invitation. It costs, by the way, about $250.

The start of the event is scheduled for 20:00 Yerevan time. Amazon will not openly broadcast the event (it will be virtual, but you can watch it only by invitation), but you can learn about all the interesting novelties, which will be shown there on TECH

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