Armenia plans to create advisory body on scientific issues

November 29, 2023  13:56

Armenia plans to create an advisory body that will deal with scientific issues in Armenia, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Hakob Arshakyan said during a conference organized by Gituzh initiative and titled "National Science-Technological and Innovative System of Armenia: From Problems to Revival".

According to him, this body will work like a scientific council at the US presidential administration, which actually decides political issues related to the development of science. People with a certain vision of the future will be included in this council: businessmen, scientists, and political decision-makers.

In Armenia, the scientific advisory body will have 28 members, and it is this body that will be able to formulate global problems for the field of science, propose state programs, which will then be discussed in the government, etc. It is expected that this organization will become a unique platform between the government and the field of science.

As Arshakyan mentioned, since the parliament is currently busy discussing the budget, the issues related to the scientific advisory body have been temporarily pushed to the background. However, literally within the next few days, according to him, this project will be approved and the corresponding decree will be signed.

Hakob Arshakyan also mentioned that advanced science is both the basis and the right of a strong state. on the one hand, the state cannot be strong without advanced science, on the other hand, if s advanced science is needed, then the state must be positioned as strong.

According to Arshakyan, Armenia has never posed tasks to science as such, and the country has no such experience either. Previously, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR used to pose global taks to scientists. Today, steps are being taken to help develop that skill in the country, and a new advisory body could be one of the tools for that.

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