Gituzh: Key to solving challenges facing Armenia is in consistently and persistently developing scientific power

September 27, 2023  12:59

The enduring challenges of the Republic of Armenia and unresolved issues over the years have once again led the country into a profound crisis. The Gituzh initiative says this in a statement.

“The Gituzh initiative emerged in the aftermath of the 44-day war, drawing support from individuals and organizations with diverse worldviews and political perspectives.

The Gituzh agenda crystallized in response to the widespread recognition that Armenia's scientific and technological unpreparedness was a fundamental factor in the war's outcome.

The root causes of this unpreparedness are multifaceted and intricate. in short, science had not been given the priority it deserved within the Republic of Armenia, and its potential was steadily declining due to the lack of systematic utilization to serve the nation's goals and needs and the absence of tangible outcomes in science and technology.

When we talk about results from science and technology, we refer to advancements in military equipment and technology, a thriving economy, enhanced educational quality, robust political discourse, a skilled workforce, and a healthy society.

Achieving these outcomes heavily depends on fostering scientific and technological capabilities aligned with the objectives and needs of our state, and establishing a functional scientific and innovative system.

There is no alternative. A sustained, determined, and persistent effort is imperative to develop science and build such a system. It's a complex, long-term undertaking with profound implications.

The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and resources required to address nearly all the challenges confronting the Republic of Armenia hinges upon it.

In pursuit of this mission, we have decided to adopt a long-term perspective and establish Gituzh.

Admittedly, all of us should have taken action much sooner. Gituzh should have been initiated 15, 20, or even 30 years ago. Yet, one thing is certain: this mission must be undertaken. We've previously overlooked its significance, assigning it a secondary position in the priorities of Armenia.

No government of the Republic of Armenia has valued and used science and technology as key tools to address challenges and realize our nation's objectives. This neglect disregards global experience and the pivotal role science plays in nation-building. This lies at the core of the problem.

As we mentioned earlier, the Gituzh community is diverse and expansive, comprising numerous organizations and individuals whose dedicated efforts have fortified Armenia over the years. Even now, many of them support our fellow Armenians in Artsakh through various initiatives, ranging from political endeavors to volunteer work.

As for Gituzh, it was established with the awareness that, as an initiative, it addresses a long-term issue. Thus, regardless of circumstances, it will remain committed to its mission. It will underscore the significance of scientific power in everyone's consciousness, compelling, urging, and assisting any present or future government in developing scientific and technological potential, and establishing a framework to harness this potential for the independence, security, and prosperity of the Republic of Armenia.

To prevent any future loss of any parts of our Motherland, we will consistently and resolutely pursue Gituzh's mission. We ask all our friends to hold a place in their hearts and minds for Gituzh and its cause.

We extend our unwavering support to all our compatriots in Artsakh. Stay strong,” the statement says.

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