Design change, some new features, precise seeking in video: YouTube unveils updates

October 25, 2022  10:14

Updates will be made on YouTube in the near future. Several new functions will be added, the design will also change, thanks to which watching videos on this platform will become much more comfortable. The company's representatives noted in a blog post that they were inspired to make these updates by the reactions of viewers and the community of content creators on YouTube.

The first thing that users will probably notice in the new version of YouTube is the change in colors, which according to the developers will make watching videos more pleasant. Colors are now brighter in the app, and both mobile and web versions of the app have a so-called “ambient mode,” which adjusts the background tones to match the colors of the video being watched (this mode will automatically turn on when using the dark mode of the interface, but it can be turned off in the settings). The dark mode has also been updated, as the black has become even brighter, and the colors on the screen will stand out even more. The change will apply to web, mobile, and SmartTV versions.


As part of the design changes, the "Subscribe," "Like," "Share," and "Download" buttons will also be updated. Some links in the video description will now be replaced by the corresponding buttons.

As for new features, there's a zoom feature that lets you zoom in on videos – like it is done with photos using the pinch-to-zoom method. Although this feature was previously tested for YouTube premium subscribers, it will now be available to all users with iOS and Android smartphones.

Another useful innovation is precise seeking. As the name suggests, it is about improving the search for the desired parts of the video. There is now a frame-by-frame preview when searching by rewinding or fast-forwarding the video, and this will make it easier to find the desired part of the video.

All these changes, as the developers promise, will become available to all users of the platform in the near future. 

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