What are the signs indicating that your smartphone will stop working soon?

August 17, 2023  14:28

Some signs may indicate that the smartphone has already served its purpose and will stop working soon.

One of the main "symptoms" to look out for is the device randomly turning off even when there is sufficient charge. If your smartphone turns off on its own without any apparent reason, it may indicate a malfunction of the motherboard, memory, processor or other important components, according to IT technology expert and technology blogger Victor Smirnov.

Another "symptom" of a possible phone failure is when the phone does not turn on normally. If the smartphone fails to start successfully and the screen freezes when the company logo appears, it may indicate a problem with the software or hardware components.

In addition to these signs, you should also look out for possible battery life anomalies, unexpected performance decrease, and issues with camera or touchscreen functionality.

What to do if you notice the listed problems on your smartphone?

According to Smirnov, repairing a smartphone in a service center is advisable mainly for expensive and new models. However, for budget devices, this approach may not be effective, as the cost of parts and labor may be higher than the cost of such a used device.

Owners of budget smartphones are advised to contact the service center only if the master has a donor phone from which he can take the necessary components for repair. Otherwise, it may be wiser to buy a new device than to repair it.

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