It will be possible to wrap future iPhones? Apple patents new technology

July 18, 2023  10:21

It's possible that future iPhones could be wrapped and fit into a tube by users. Apple's new patent describes exactly this technology.

According to a document published on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office, the aforesaid patent was submitted by Apple in November 2022, but was not published until July 13.

The respective drawings show a screen for a smartphone that can be wrapped.

"The screen can change states: when expanded it is used for viewing, and when collapsed it can be used for transport and convenient storage. It is also possible to use an electronic device with a partially collapsed screen,” the document states.

Such a screen must be made of thin glass and a series of special components that provide compression to protect the screen when folded.

The document states that the patent is intended for conventional electronic screens. However, in the app, the company separately stated that this design can be used for smartphones.

Most likely, Apple plans to use this new technology for the development of the future series of iPhones with a new format. According to news reports, many well-known companies, including Samsung and Motorola, are already working on devices with foldable and wrappable screens.

LG, for example, has already released an OLED television that is completely foldable, and Samsung is releasing quite successful smartphones with a foldable screen: the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold.

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