Sealed first-generation iPhone put up for auction: It can be sold for $100,000

June 30, 2023  12:12

The first generation iPhone, released 16 years ago, sealed and never used, was put up for auction. Its starting price is $10,000, but auction house LCG Auctions expects to sell it for $50-100,000.

According to Apple Insider, such devices are in special demand among collectors, especially if they have not been opened and are in the original box.

There is very little information about the phone in the description, only that it is the original 4GB model released in 2007.

original-iphone-auction.jpg (48 KB)

Interestingly, the listing page indicates that there are about 2 weeks left before the end of the auction, but the auction itself is currently suspended, and bidding is prohibited.

original-iphone-auction2.jpg (268 KB)

Recall that in March of this year, the American auction house Wright also put up a sealed first iPhone with a unique sticker "Lucky You" ("You're lucky"). Most likely, the owner of the smartphone won it in some competition held by the company. It was acquired by tech blogger Marques Brownlee, known by the nickname MKBHD, for $40,000. On his YouTube channel, he then unpacked the lot.

And in February, the unopened first-generation iPhone sold at auction for $63,356. This is the 8 GB iPhone model released on June 29, 2007 and sold at the time for $599.

Collectors valued a check signed by Steve Jobs in 1976 much higher: it was sold at auction for $106,985.

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