Why is it dangerous to take a smartphone to bed and what problems can it cause?

June 15, 2023  14:45

Many people are used to taking their smartphone to bed with them, putting it under the pillow or on the bedside table. In some cases, however, this habit can lead to tragic consequences.

In an interview with Gazeta.Ru, IT expert Ivan Samoilenko said that modern devices can catch fire when actively used at high temperatures.

"Due to overheating of the battery, the phone may break or even catch fire. there are such cases, everyone has heard about them. While sleeping, we can simply lie on the phone and damage its battery, which can also be a fire hazard. Therefore, the smartphone should definitely not be used in bed, especially before going to sleep," said the specialist.

According to him, using a smartphone in bed is more dangerous if it is connected to the charger.

"It is really dangerous and bad for health. The battery of the phone gets very hot when we actively play games, watch videos, visit social networks. The fact that the smartphone is also connected to the charger only increases the risk," said Samoilenko.

According to him, all manufacturers constantly warn that you should not use a smartphone while charging, but users still violate this rule.

In recent months, there have already been several cases of phones catching fire, either in bed or even in the user's pocket. One of the cases was fatal.

For example, the recently purchased Redmi Note 12 Pro smartphone caught fire in the owner's pocket while he was working in the field.

Recently, a OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone exploded while the phone was in standby mode: it was neither used nor charged.

Another case happened in the USA, when the charging iPhone 4 caught fire. The camera installed in the kitchen recorded the moment the phone caught fire, the fire was extinguished later. None of the residents of the house were injured.

However, there are more tragic cases. For example, an 8-year-old girl died in India due to the explosion of the Redmi Note 5 Pro battery. Forensic examination showed that the battery exploded due to overheating, even though the phone was not charging at the time. 

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