How do waterproof phones react to charging in wet conditions?

June 14, 2023  12:15

The TechDroid YouTube channel host conducted an experiment to find out how smartphones meeting the IP68 water resistance standard react when charging the device in wet conditions. He recorded the results of the experiment on video.

Four popular smartphones took part in the experiment: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro, Google Pixel 7 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The blogger poured water into their charging connectors and then plugged them in. None of the smartphones were out of order: they all continued to work, but each device reacted differently to the humidity.

Thus, the iPhone 14 Pro immediately sent a warning, recommending to disconnect the smartphone from the power supply and let it dry. In this case, charging is completely blocked. The Pixel 7 Pro also sent a notification, but provided an option to activate charging. Xiaomi 13 Ultra has not sent any notifications. Moreover, the smartphone even started charging before turning off the power.

He notes that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has the best solutions and the most secure smartphone in this matter. Even before connecting the cable, the phone warned the user to dry the charging slot, and after connecting to the power, it warned the user to disconnect the cable from the power. In addition, the smartphone offered to use wireless charging. such a solution is not provided by the protection system of either iPhone, Xiaomi, or Pixel.

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