Only 5 crypto companies are left on the Forbes fintech list։ What are they and what is known about them?

June 7, 2023  14:05

Last year, Forbes' list of 50 leading fintech companies included nine crypto companies, including the bankrupt FTX. 2022, however, was by no means the most successful year for the crypto industry: this year there are only five crypto companies left on the list.

Interestingly, none of the remaining five projects on the list have trade as their main business. All of them work in the field of cryptoanalysis, infrastructure, and also provide services to the sector, RBC reports.

Which companies are included in the 2023 list and what are they famous for?


Startup Alchemy works with the data infrastructure that supports most of the leading blockchain games, financial applications and NFT platforms. Today, the startup is valued at $10.2 billion, and its clients include payment services giant Stripe, fashion house Gucci and media holding Fox.


Cryptoforensic firm Chainalysis tracks transactions, detects fraud and investigates hacks involving digital assets. The company is now valued at $8.6 billion, and clients include BNY Mellon and Barclays and even the Criminal Investigation Division of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Fireblocks provides custody services for crypto assets. This service is valued at 8 billion dollars. It has partnered with Australian banks ANZ and NAB to launch stablecoins, as well as BNY Mellon and American football player Tom Brady's startup Autograph.


Paxos, which launched the BUSD stablecoin for Binance, provides cryptocurrency trading technology to PayPal, Venmo, Interactive Brokers, Mastercard and other major companies. It is currently valued at $2.4 billion.


The startup TaxBit is a partner of the US Internal Revenue Service that helps collect taxes from tax evaders. In addition to the US Internal Revenue Service, TaxBit has 45 clients, including PayPal, Kraken and TurboTax, whose users the startup helps file tax returns with cryptocurrency. The company also plans to use its Tactic crypto-accounting platform to work with Google, Ralph Lauren and Fox News to track digital assets on the company's balance sheet. TaxBit is valued at $1.3 billion. It is interesting that this company became the only newcomer in the Forbes annual rating.

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