Why the term "artificial intelligence" was never mentioned at Apple WWDC 2023?

June 7, 2023  20:10

Although artificial intelligence technologies play an important role in almost all products presented by Apple during WWDC 2023, but the top managers of the company, unlike their counterparts at Microsoft and Google, did not mention the term "artificial intelligence" once during their presentations, specialists of ArsTechnica website have noticed.

Artificial intelligence was, of course, part of Apple's presentations, but under a different name. According to the newspaper's reporters, Apple decided to avoid the association with the media buzz around the term "artificial intelligence" and instead used the term "machine learning".

For example, during the presentation of the new version of the mobile operating system iOS 17, Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software development, talking about improvements to the auto-correction and dictation functions when typing words, noted that the technology is "based on machine learning."

Interestingly, Apple's AI model for word autocorrection in iOS 17 uses the same architecture that underlies the DALL-E image generator, the ChatGPT chatbot, and other generative AI developments. The new autocorrect keyboard model will be able to complete a single word or an entire sentence if the user presses the space bar. It learns based on the user's writing style, choosing the next words or the next sentence based on the user's preferences and the data it collects about them.

Apple recently banned its employees from using ChatGPT at work. According to management, the chatbot can gain access to confidential information about the corporation's developments.

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