One of Telegram standard functions becomes paid service

October 17, 2022  11:23

A standard function of Telegram has become a paid service.

From now on, it will be possible to post messages on chat on behalf of channels only if you activate the Premium Subscription. If the user does not have a paid Premium Subscription, he can write in comments and groups only from his personal account, but not on behalf of the channel.

As reported by Telegram Info, citing its source, spammers have abused this function when it was free. Up to 80% of spam in groups and comments was coming from comments made on behalf of channels.

telegram function paid

The administrators of the group asked to disable this function altogether, but Telegram management has decided to simply make it a paid service, which will also significantly reduce the amount of spam.

A few months ago, Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram Messenger, announced the launch of Telegram Premium and promised that the free functions will remain free, whereas some exclusive options—including the ability to turn off ads in Messenger, double restrictions, etc.—will be available for paid subscription.

Premium paid subscription costs about $5 per month.

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