iPhones set to have a new app: What is it for?

April 24, 2023  18:22

Apple plans to release a personal diary app on iPhones that will allow users to record their activities and take notes. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the new application will be called Jurassic.

The app will be released in the personal diaries category. According to the source, with this, Apple is trying to expand its presence in the market of technologies that help take care of people's physical and mental health. Previously, the company's efforts in this direction were focused on the Apple Watch.

The app will have access to users' calls and messages and help them track how they spend each day. It will analyze the behavior of iPhone owners, take into account how much time they usually spend at home, and whether there has been anything unusual.

At the same time, confidentiality will be at a high level: all collected data will be stored on the smartphone and automatically deleted after four weeks. After its launch, Jurassic will be installed on every iPhone via an operating system update.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is likely operating with the following scheme: first, the company allows developers access to its platform, then builds its own app that replicates popular apps that already exist, such as Day One. Sometimes these apps are available for free. It is not yet clear whether Apple is going to make the new application paid.

The company has not yet commented on the development of the new app. Apple has previously stated that it respects intellectual property and does not copy other companies' developments.

Earlier it was reported that Apple in iOS 17 will for the first time allow iPhone users to install applications on their devices not only from the App Store, but also from third-party developers. The company took this step due to the new EU Digital Markets Legislation (DMA), which came into effect on November 1, 2022.

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