SpaceX Starship historic launch scheduled for today: It can be viewed online

April 17, 2023  08:45

SpaceX's Starship spacecraft is expected make its first orbital flight on Monday. The company has already received respective permission from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to carry out pre-flight preparation and launch of a reusable space system consisting of a Starship (Ship 24 prototype) and a Super Heavy rocket (Booster 7 prototype).

As reported by, the launch is slated for 8am local time (4pm Armenia  time) from the Starbase space station in Texas. The company will have a window of 150 minutes to launch the rocket.

You can watch the launch of the rocket live below.

On the eve of the launch of the spaceship, the head of SpaceX Elon Musk shared his expectations and concerns about the launch on Twitter Space, and talked about the Starship project in general. The discussion was open only to his Twitter Space subscribers, and a few reporters were able to ask questions.

Among them was Austin DeSisto of He later quoted the billionaire about his expectations for today's first orbital launch attempt of the Starship.

"Probably tomorrow will not be successful—if by successful one means reaching orbit," Musk admitted.

He added that the rocket has 33 huge engines, “and if even one of them fails, it will be like a box of grenades. Very large grenades.”

And when NASA astronaut Chris Bergin asked Musk what he meant by success, Musk replied that "anything that doesn’t blow up the pad is a win."

The rocket can really be launched, but they will be very careful. And if they see something that worries them, they will delay the launch. It's not like a train that leaves the station at exactly 9:03 or something like that, Musk said.

If today's launch of the rocket and spacecraft fails, the next attempt will most likely be in May with Booster 9 and Ship 26—if, of course, the launch pad remains intact and undamaged after today's test.

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