Washington Apple Store robbed of $500,000 in iPhones: 436 iPhones stolen

April 7, 2023  18:11

Thieves have stolen around $500,000 worth of iPhones from an Apple Store located in Alderwood Mall, Seattle.

According to Macrumors.com, the burglars infiltrated the store by cutting a hole in the wall of the nearby Seattle Coffee Gear. The coffee shop is adjacent to the Apple Store but is not easily noticeable due to the store's layout. 

The thieves were able to penetrate into the Apple Store's through a hole they dug in the wall of the toilet of the coffee shop. 


They stole a total of 436 iPhones, and the theft was captured on surveillance footage, which has not yet been released as it is part of an ongoing investigation.

The incident occurred after the mall had closed for the night, and no employees were present at the time.

The Alderwood Mall is working with the police to solve the incident, but Apple has not yet commented on the robbery.

The coffee shop incurred a cost of $1,500 to replace locks and repair the bathroom wall.

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